The Easiest Way to Meet Incredible Matches on Hinge Dating Site

meet incredible matches on hinge

There are several tons of online dating apps where people could find love, but the Hinge dating site remains the best dating site. The Hinge app allows you to sign up via Facebook, where you get to see friends of friends who meet your preferences. If you sign up without Facebook, you will still meet incredible matches for a long-term relationship.

Hinge has over the years grown a reputation as the best online dating apps that connects singles, with an equal male-to-female ratio. Ninety percent of its users are between the age of 23 to 36, again making Hinge a great place to connect with high-quality singles looking for a long-term relationship. If you'd like to give Hinge a trial, you must be informed on the easiest way to meet incredible matches on the platform. Without any further ado, below are Hinge dating tips to get started with the platform.

1. Start with Great Photos

Hinge requires users to upload six photos or videos before liking someone on the platform. You should therefore upload pictures that feature your personality, lifestyle, and hobbies. Make sure the focus gets to be on you. Hinge app makes it impossible for other users to comment on your photos and profile, making it a great way to start a conversation with a potential match.

2. "My Story" Section Has to Be Unique, Not Perfect

Unlike Tinder, Hinge made a "My Story" section of 150 characters or less prompt while writing your bio on the platform. You have the option of choosing three prompts out of a list of 65 prompts. The first prompt has to be the focus of your bio. Your bio must be unique and exciting. Choose a prompt that features your traits, which you think resonates with someone else or gets them attracted to you. You have to show courage and bravery. These traits get more frequently.

3. Connect with a Potential Match

With the Hinge dating app, you don't have to send a poem before connecting with other users. A simple like, or comment could be a great way to start connecting with a potential match. Hinge limits the number of daily likes sent to 10 for its users. Unlimited daily likes would require you to be a premium user. Since the number of likes is limited for free users, it is wise to use it appropriately. If there's a response to your like, that's a hit to start a conversation.

4. Connect Off Hinge

The goal is to meet a match, not continuously chat forever. One way to go is to ask out as soon as possible. Hinge dating site should only serve as a connector. To take things to the next level, you need to ask her out. You shouldn't try this immediately; you just started chatting as you might scare her away. Waiting too long could also mean losing her. Before asking her out, you have to make sure it's what she wants also. Some indicators include fast and thoughtful response, lots of "lol," and use of emojis. It could vary with persons, age, and mental disposition. The bottom line is making sure you are both on the same page.

5. Date More

Some persons prefer to spend lesser time chatting than meeting their dates. In this case, you can hire an assistant to do the chatting while you concentrate on dating. We advise users to get assistants who can be thorough, noting the personality and preferences. That way, you save yourself the trouble of mistaken identities.